Game Design & Programming


One of Cybersquid’s co-founders. He is currently pursueing a masters degree in game design and works on some weird tech that will grant him world domination. In his free time he plays board games and loses in Mario Kart.

Random Fun Fact: Used to be good at sport. Used to.


Graphic Design & Concept Art


She accidentally signed the devil's contract with Cybersquid without knowing of the consequences. So while writing her master thesis she watches out that some Cybersquid members won't starve to death. In her free time... wait... what is free time?

Random Fun Fact: Vegan mother of carnivorous plants.


Graphic Design & Concept Art


After some heavy drinking Tanja was recruited by Cybersquid's Falco & Tino. Besides drawing and designing all kind of weird things she likes concerts, travelling and cooking. And games. She likes games.

Random Fun Fact: Can sing the Pokérap.


Game Design & Sound Design


Thomas is one of Cybersquid's co-founders and moved to Hamburg in 2014. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Computer Science. After retiring from his Counter-Strike career he founded a hard rock band where he plays the bass and writes some deep songs about life and squirrels.

Random Fun Fact: Defeated Bowser. Twice.




Tino is the last of the three co-founders of Cybersquid and the lead programmer of the team. After a 2 year military service he decided that it's better to write commands than to receive them. So he exchanged guns and camo clothes for IDEs and metal shirts. He ran into Falco and Thomas during the "Game Development for Dummies" course at the community college.

Random Fun Fact: Believes that life is just an "early access" version of the Matrix.